First Leaders

First Leaders

First Leaders investigates the leadership principles of 12 First Nation societies, and the profound yet practical implications for workplace leaders.


Leadership Principles of First Nation Societies for the Modern Leader

First Nations people of all continents have been refining leadership for millennia. They’ve had from the dawn of human history to figure out what works and what doesn’t. By comparison, the discipline of workplace leadership emerged only about 100 years ago – just a few generations back. First Leaders is the first book devoted to how the wisdom of First Nations leadership can benefit modern leaders.

Inspired by conversations with several Maasai elders, Andrew O’Keeffe travelled the globe investigating the leadership knowledge of First Nation societies. His search took him to the central desert of Australia to meet Arrernte and Pintupi, through Africa to meet with Kalahari Bushmen, Himba, Maasai and Samburu, to the Amazon to meet Waorani and Kichwa, to New Zealand to meet Māori and North America to meet with Haida and Mohawk.

From his meetings with First Nations people and his focus on the practical application of the wisdom shared with him, Andrew O’Keeffe has identified 11 Principles of First Leadership. The principles provide concrete actions to help both individual leaders and organisations solve their major leadership challenges.

First Leaders - Book by Andrew O'Keeffe
After talking with the author about social dynamics of Waorani society, Ginto Tega led the author into the Amazon jungle on a hunting exercise with blowpipe. Peaceful contact between Waorani and outsiders only began in 1958.

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